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SpaceX operates an extensive fleet of commercial ships to facilitate its spaceflight recovery operations.

United Launch Alliance currently operates one cargo ship, RocketShip, with a second under construction, along with future plans for a Vulcan engine recovery ship.

NASA currently operates a cargo transportation barge for the SLS program. The agency previously operated two recovery ships during the Space Shuttle program.

Blue Origin is designing a custom-built landing platform vessel for downrange landings of the upcoming New Glenn rocket.

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Space Perspective is currently transforming one vessel into a future space balloon launch and landing facility.

Arianespace operates a small fleet of purpose-built cargo vessels to transport large spaceflight components from Europe to the launch site in South America.  

The Spaceport Company is an American startup developing sea-based launch platforms. The company is currently converting its first ship.

Rocket Lab is testing Electron rocket recovery and developing an offshore landing platform for the upcoming Neutron rocket.

Where spaceflight meets the sea!  Since 2017, this site has tracked commercial vessels involved in spaceflight operations around the world as they work to recover rockets, astronauts, and other space hardware worth millions of dollars. The sector continues to grow from strength to strength, with numerous companies entering the sector to support their primary missions. This site keeps a record of these vessels and their roles. Follow the site across social media for real-time updates!