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About Website Creator

Gav Cornwell

Since 2017, I’ve been tracking offshore spaceflight operations around the world via social media. Commercial launch providers are continuing to pivot towards reusable rocket designs and many require offshore operations to facilitate this.

I launched the original site,, around the same time I started social media coverage. The goal of the site was to provide information on SpaceX’s growing fleet of ships. Fast forward 5 years, and there is a boom of other launch providers working to establish their own vessel fleet for their operations. The site was rebranded to its current form to cover them but with the same original goal to inform.

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About Website Imagery

The creation of this website would not be possible without the support of numerous dedicated photographers and journalists who have spent their time and money to cover the operations of the vessels shown and then allowed me to use their work.

All images provided on are the copyright of their respective owners. This website claims no ownership over any of the images presented unless stated otherwise. is not intended to generate a profit and complies with Non-Commercial Creative Commons licensing. Thank you to NASA, SpaceX, ULA, and others for licensing your photos for these purposes. 

Thank you so much to all contributors to this site. 

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