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SpaceX maintains a large fleet of commercial ships to support its spaceflight recovery operations. 

United Launch Alliance

ULA currently utilizes one cargo ship, RocketShip, with plans for a second + future plans for a Vulcan engine recovery ship.


NASA currently operates a cargo transportation barge for the SLS program. The agency previously operated two recovery ships during the Space Shuttle program.

Space Perspective

Voyager is an upcoming marine spaceport launch and landing vessel for the space tourism company Space Perspective.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is currently experimenting with the recovery of the Electron 1st stage by allowing it to splash down in the ocean for recovery by a ship.

ESA / ArianeGroup

Arianespace operates a small fleet of purpose-built cargo vessels to transport large spaceflight components to the launch site in French Guiana, South America.  

Blue Origin

Blue Origin is developing plans to land the upcoming New Glenn rocket downrange. The company previously planned to convert a cargo ship for this purpose.