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ESA / ArianeGroup

The European Space Agency (ESA) through ArianeGroup and its subsidiary Arianespace operates a small fleet of purpose-built cargo vessels to transport large spaceflight components from factories in Europe to the ESA launch site in French Guiana, South America.  


Purpose-built Ariane 6 transport ship. Design includes wind sails for improved fuel consumption. Photo by Kees Torn via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)


MN Colibri

Purpose-built cargo ship previously chartered by Arianespace. Often used for satellite transportation since 2021. Delivered the James Webb Space Telescope to the launch site in 2021. Photo: Jenny Hautmann

MN Toucan

Purpose-built cargo ship chartered by Arianespace to transport large rocket components to French Guiana for launch. Photo by Huntster (Public Domain)

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