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United Launch Alliance

 A rendering of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) SpaceShip

SpaceShip is a future United Launch Alliance (ULA) cargo vessel currently under construction in Louisiana with completion expected in January 2026. The vessel will be custom-built for the role of delivering the Vulcan rocket from the Alabama factory to launch sites in California and Florida. The vessel will be a twin to existing ULA vessel RocketShip.

ULA manufactures the Vulcan rocket at its factory in Decatur, Alabama, which is very close to the Tennessee River. The company has a dock there for its vessels to load and unload cargo. SpaceShip will sail down the Tennessee River and then continue along the Mississippi River towards the Gulf of Mexico. From there, it will cross the open ocean to reach Florida and Cape Canaveral for unloading.

Additionally, the vessel will sail to California via the Panama Canal to deliver cargo to Vandenberg Space Force Base in the future.

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 2025 – Under Construction



Breadth: TBC

Joined ULA: Expected 2026

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