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SpaceX Recovery Programs

A key principle of SpaceX’s philosophy is reuse. The company has pioneered techniques to recover and reuse the flight hardware it launches through a series of programs.

Fairing Recovery Program

SpaceX recovers and reuses Falcon 9 fairing halves. Following fairing jettison, they descend back to Earth and splashdown in the water under parafoil to be recovered. Photo: SpaceX


Booster Recovery Program

SpaceX lands its Falcon 9 boosters at sea and on land to fly it again multiple times. The company operates a fleet of droneships for offshore booster landings. Photo: SpaceX


Dragon Recovery Program

SpaceX launches cargo and crew to Space aboard Dragon and recovers the capsule, and its contents, at the end of the mission. The company operates two dedicated recovery ships for this purpose. Photo: NASA


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