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Canopée underway ahead of construction completion. Photo by Kees Torn via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Canopée is a purpose-built cargo vessel whose primary role is to deliver Ariane 6 components from Europe to the launch site in French Guiana, South America. Canopée is unique in that the vessel is equipped with four sails, making it the first large-scale cargo vessel ever made, according to shipbuilder Neptune Marine. The use of sails should allow the vessel to save up to 35% on fuel consumption. Canopée made its first trans-Atlantic voyage to French Guiana in January 2023. 

The vessel was built in 2022 and started sea trials in December of that year. Canopée had its sails (referred to as Oceanwings by shipbuilder Nepture Marine) installed in July 2023. Each sail is 30m high for a total of 363 msail area.

Last Known Location

Track the last known AIS position received from Canopée. When the ship is far offshore, this service will not update regularly. Follow @SpaceOffshore across social media for updates!

Vital Statistics

Owner: Jifmar Offshore Services

Length: 121m / 397 ft

Breadth: 22m / 72 ft

Year Built: 2022

Joined ArianeGroup: 2023

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