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SpaceX Tugboats

A curated list of notable tugboats chartered by SpaceX for offshore towing of spaceport droneships. SpaceX does not own a tugboat and charterers them from vessel providers. Because of this, tugboats in operation with SpaceX can change frequently. 

Active SpaceX Tugs

Signet Warhorse III

Tugboat chartered by SpaceX since December 2023 for East Coast operations. The tug was previously used for a single launch operation back in February 2019.

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 2001

IMO: 8967577

Length: 44m

Width: 15.2m

Horsepower: 12,500

Joined SpaceX Fleet: Dec 2023

Lindsay C

Tugboat chartered by SpaceX since 2024 for West Coast operations. Lindsay C is owned/operated by Curtin Maritime, who provide barges, tugs and other transportation services to SpaceX in California. Photo: Curtin Maritime

Vital Statistics

Year Built: N/A

IMO: 7507382

Length: 41m

Width: 11m

Horsepower: N/A

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2024

Former SpaceX Tugs

Crosby Skipper

Tugboat chartered by SpaceX since late 2022 for East Coast operations. Skipper has a twin tug named Kurt J Crosby which was also briefly used by SpaceX in 2022 and 2023. Photo: Jenny Hautmann

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 2000

IMO: 9231353

Length: 40.5m

Width: 14.6m

Horsepower: 16,500

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2022

Finn Falgout

Tugboat chartered by SpaceX from 2020 - 2022 for East Coast operations. Finn Falgout towed ASOG droneship from its construction shipyard in Louisiana to its new homeport in Florida. Photo: Julia Bergeron

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 1975 (Rebuilt 2014)

IMO: 7390765

Length: 43m

Width: 12.2m

Horsepower: 15,000

Joined SpaceX Fleet: April 2020

Retired SpaceX Fleet: June 2022


Tugboat chartered by SpaceX on and off from 2017 to 2021 for East Coast operations. Photo: Julia Bergeron

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 1995

IMO: 1033239

Length: 33.5m

Width: 12.2m

Horsepower: 6700

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2017

Retired SpaceX Fleet: 2021